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- Stylish classic wooden couch
- Patented 3H Smart massage system built-in
- FIR thermal therapy system built-in
- Bringing the culture of health, comfort and happiness to your home
- Available in multiple colors
- Shipping in one pallet
- Professional assembly is preferred
- Installation video is available online

.      Comfortable Living Functions                              
·      FIR Thermo-therapy, acupressure massage functions
·      Acupressure functions by different body parts (Neck/Shoulder, b ack, Waist)
·      Easy recognize the progress location acupressure stick by presenting on screen of the remote control

·      Apply Chuna Treatment                             
·      62 of the acupressure sticks massage 18 points of the spine vertically 
·      Designed with consideration for the human curvature
·      62 heating rods moving smoothly to improve circulation and inflamed or damaged muscles, promotes a strong and healthy spine
·      Drastically change your sleeping health without expensive medical costs

·      Certified as a Medical Device in Korea
·      Hexagonal herbal ceramics made in fires over 1300°C or 2372°F
·      Magnetic shielded type hot wires, double shielding materials
·      Passed standard test for safety of electromechanical and electric wave for medical devices
·      Used by chiropractic doctors in hospitals and clinics and won numerous awards in Korea
·      Popular not only for seniors but teenagers as well

 ·      Health Benefits for People who are
·      Standing long hours                             
·      Sitting long hours                                 
·      Suffering Waist pain
·      Suffering Chronic neck pain
·      Suffering Chronic back pain
·      Suffering spinal disc herniation
·      Suffering lumbar scoliosis, sciatica
·      Suffering Muscle pain and stiffness
·      Suffering from insomnia, headache, or migraine
·      Suffering Cold and numb feet and hands even in summer
·      Wanting abdominal massage
·      Wanting thermal spinal acupressure
·      Wanting thermal calf massage
. Wanting losing

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