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Pixie Air™ | Stainless Steel Range Hood

Pixie Air™ | Stainless Steel Range Hood


Pixie Air™ | Stainless Steel Range Hood

FOTILE’s WhisPower technology is the heart of the Pixie Air™ stainless steel range hood. It’s what makes the Pixie Air™ series ultra powerful and extremely quiet.


  • Slim Design: Low profile and compact, the Pixie Air™ will blend seamlessly into your kitchen and match your existing appliances.
  • Combi-Vent: Flexible installation with direct venting or respiratory venting options.
  • CFM Adjustment Technology: Comply with local CFM ordinances with predetermined CFM settings
  • Air Management Control: Monitor kitchen air quality for harmful air pollutants
  • WhisPower Technology: Maximizes the CFM power of your range hood due to filterless technology with comfortable working sound
  • Capture-Shield: A higher CFM and faster ventilation than actually rated due to the Venturi effect created
  • Touch Free Motion Gesture Operation: Power the Unit On / Off through Hand Motion Gesture



  • WhisPower Technology by FOTILE is able to capture a more powerful CFM performance due to the Venturi effect we create with our Captur-Shield Technology.
  • Air speed and power are increased as we capture smoke and grease in the Golden Collection Zone and pass it through our centrifugal WhisPower motors, to separate the smoke from the grease.
  • The result is 95% oil filtration and 98% odor reduction. Pixie Air™ Range Hood Series leaves your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.



This sleek, ultra-slim line range hood not only blends seamlessly into your kitchen due to its low profile, but the classic stainless steel and modern tempered glass design, will match your other appliances in your kitchen as well.



  • Patented WhisPower Fan Motor System
  • Patented 3.0 Capture Shield Technology
  • Air Management Control, Safely monitors your air quality
  • CFM Adjustment Technology, adjusts CFM power based on local ordinance codes
  • Motion Gesture Touch Free Operation
  • Patented Low Profile Design, blends seamlessly into kitchen
  • Convertible Ducting Solutions
  • Recirculatory or Direct Vent
  • 4 Speed Fan System
  • Patented LED Lights
  • Two removable and dishwasher safe Capture Shield Suction Plates with integrated oil cups
  • Touch Free Motion Gesture On/Off Operation



Speed Normal Range Equivalent CFMs Noise Level
Low 250 CFM 380 CFM 36 dB
Med 380 CFM 570 CFM 46 dB
Hi 450 CFM 680 CFM 50 dB
Boost 530 CFM 850 CFM 55 dB



Removable and Dishwasher Safe One Piece Smoke Baffle Plate and oil container, simple to clean

Ultra quiet so you can enjoy conversation with friends and family

Bright LED Light will light up your cooktop.

CAT - CFM Adjustment Technology makes you compliant with most local ordinance codes

Micro -Touch Button Control

Auto-Delay Shut Off

Touch Free Motion Gesture On / Off Operation

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