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Modern Kitchen Hood | EMS9018

Modern Kitchen Hood | EMS9018


Modern Kitchen Hood | EMS 9018


The EMS 9018 Modern Kitchen Hood sets a new standard with ring suction that breaks away from tradition.


  • Oil Fume Suction Performance

    *Innovative Wing-Like Surround Suction Plate, powerful smoke collection and buffer ability.
    *Innovative M-shaped Canopy. It achieves a perfect cooperation with the Surround Suction Plate.
    *Full Acceleration Access, simultaneous cooking fume extraction with a larger amount of smoke intake per unit.
    *Multiple Smoke Inlet Paths. It greatly expands the space for smoke intake.
    *Patent "Nautilus" Air Passageway. Smoke can be extracted smoothly without any turbulence.

  • Quiet/low noise. Enjoy the clean and quiet life in the kitchen.

  • Patent Silent Volute ensures a smoother and faster air flow while reducing the air turbulance.

  • Micropore for noise reduction: It's used in aerospace industry where noise can be reduced greatly.

  • Bionic Wing-like Impeller reduces resistance and noise.

  • Patent Dual Varied "R" Turbine System: Smoke can be extracted out smoothly.

  • The Proprietary Strong Motor by FOTILE. Noise level will always be contained to a minimum.

  • Auto Turbo System

  • Delay-off function: let your range hood clean the air after cooking

  • The Screen Lock Function prevents you from misoperation and allows you to clean.

  • O-touch Control

  • Easy to clean Corrugated Filter.

  • 430 stainless steel surface,classic and fashionable design!

  • Humanized oil leveler window.

  • Anti-head-bumping Parts.

  • Hidden Super Large Oil Cup

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