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MASTER series of electric ovens, freer baking experience

70L ultra large capacity, Multi-temperatural zone precision control, Humanized design, Environmental Friendly and energy saving.

  • Baking effect

    *Unique hot-air filter design, constant interior temperature
    First use five heating tubes that cooperate with different power *effectively to control the inner temperature better.
    *The ten most useful baking pre-sets have been selected using customer feedback and industry research.
    *3D convection fan makes the temperature uniform
    *104-482℉ constant temperature creates more cooking possibilities.

  • Humanized design

    *The oversized window provides a clear view of the interior allowing you to observe every step of the baking process.
    *This damping hinge allows the door to be stopped at any angle. When the angle is 60 degrees, the door will automatically close.
    *The anti-spill grill design increases safety by preventing the possibility of your dish spilling onto you
    *LED screen, easy to control temperature and time.
    *The easy-to-understand three step process makes operation more convenient.
    *Enameled surface of cavity and trays, easy to clean and non-pollution.
    Two layers of LOW-E glass doors effectively prevent any heat transfer to the external door handle for maximum safety.

  • Energy efficiency

    The A-level energy efficiency allows our oven to consume less energy than a traditional one.

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