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JQG 9001

The perfect fusion of beauty and technology built out of love.

  • Oil Fume Suction Performance

    *90° Automatic Fume Baffle Plate. It prevents the smoke from spreading effectively and protects you against its harm.
    *36” Extra-wide Fume Inlet. It ensures the even pressure of suction in every angle.
    *7.2sf Super-large Covering Area. It covers the range of all the burners from left to right, from back to forth.
    *Double Centrifugal Fans. The stronger power ensures more fluent suction and extraction.

  • Quiet

    *54dB/2.64sones. The rhythm of the sound puts comfort in your mind.

  • Intelligent Function

    *Delay Function. Let the hood work alone after cooking.

  • Humanized Design

    *Screen Lock Function. It prevents you from misoperation and frees you to clean.
    *Powerful Lights. It enlightens the whole cooking area and keeps the original color of the food.
    Two huge oil cups on the left and right sides.With bigger volume, it incredibly decreases the frequency of cleaning.
    Oil Filter is designed to be split type, with easy installation,and can be cleaned in dishwasher, which can free hands.