JQG 7502

the perfect fusion of beauty and technology built out of love.

  • Oil Fume Suction Performance

    *90° *Normally Open Fume Baffle Plate. It prevents the smoke from spreading effectively and protects you against its harm.
    *30” Extra-wide Fume Inlet. It ensures the even pressure of suction in every angle.
    *6sf Super-large Covering Area. It covers the range of all the burners from left to right, from back to forth.
    *Double Centrifugal Fans. The stronger power ensures more fluent suction and extraction.

  • Quiet

    *54dB/2.64sones. The rhythm of the sound puts comfort in your mind.

  • Intelligent Function

    Memory Function.Keep your preference for air volume.

  • Humanized Design

    *Powerful Lights. It enlightens the whole cooking area and keeps the original color of the food.
    *Oversized Oil Cup. With bigger volume, it incredibly decreases the frequency of cleaning.
    *Folding Oil Filter, available in the dishwasher.
    *Normally Open Fume Baffle Plate can reduce the waiting time, and can be used when opened