1x2 - LED Panel Light

1x2 - LED Panel Light


The 1'x2' LED Panel Light is perfect for office lighting, home lighting, or hanging panel light fixtures. It has a reflector pane that evens out the white light it gives, so you can have a nice white light of 6000K Color Temperature, which provide an ambiance of invigorating light, similar to Daylight, perfect for display areas, security lighting, garages and more.

This LED Panel Light has an input of 85~265 VAC when you choose the 18 watts version or an input of 100~277 VAC when you choose the 20 watts version.

LED panel lights are meant to be replacements for fluorescent or incandescent panel lighting. You can install them recessed, mounted, or suspended. Recessed installations require you to remove your ceiling tiles and replace them with the led panel light. They look seamless making any office, hospital, school, or store look clean and bright. Mounted installation require a bracket for installation which is sold separately. Suspended installations require hanging wires which are also sold here.

And never forget:

You will save up to 85% on energy costs, a major difference, when compared to filament or halogen lamps.
LED lamps have incredibly long lifespan.
There is going to be a reduction in energy use that will lower your carbon footprint.
LED lamps produce much less heat than filament bulbs.

It’s important to understand the lighting design before making any attempt implementing any lighting setup if you have any question give us a call or pass by our showroom and we will be more than happy to help you. 

Application: Indoor Lighting. 

Watt / Lumens

  • 18 watts / 3000 Lm. 
  • 20 watts / 3333 Lm.
Color: Cool White